Thanks Gerald and  Eric,
I now greped for browsefilter.
I could get hold of it in verilog.vim inside ftplugin dir

I removed the b:browsefilter from the unlet portion, the error is not coming 

Thanks a lot guys

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>Subject: Re: Could find where the error is coming from
>On Wed, 26 Apr 2006, SHANKAR R-R66203 wrote:
>> I am using tags to browse the code.
>> For the first time, when I press CTRL-] to enter a module, everything
>works properly.
>> But when I press the CTRL-] second time onwards, I get this annoying
>Error message.
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Error detected while processing function <SNR>8_LoadFTPlugin:
>> line    3:
>> E108: No such variable: "b:browsefilter"
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Although the Error message is reported, the vim takes me properly to the
>intended file.
>> Why this message is coming and from which file this is coming ?
>> I tried to grep for "8_LoadFTPlugin", but could not find anywhere.
>> Any help is appreciated.
>Hi Shankar,
>I think the function you're looking for is in the file
>   $VIM/ftplugin.vim
>Here's the latest version on CVS:
>I see that line 3 of the function is:
>   unlet! b:undo_ftplugin b:did_ftplugin
>The error code E108 does have something to do with line 3. After doing
>   :help E108
>I get (on Vim 6.3)
>                 *:unlet* *:unl* *E108*
>   :unl[et][!] {var-name} ...
>         Remove the internal variable {var-name}.  Several
>         variable names can be given, they are all removed.
>         With [!] no error message is given for non-existing
>         variables.
>that points to ":help :unlet".
>However, I'm not making much sense out of your problem. Perhaps someone
>else has a better idea.

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