On May 06, 2006, I asked:
  > ... how to access the user-input mechanisms used 
  > by i_CTRL-N, z=, i_CTRL-X_CTRL-S etc. from within VimL?
  I found out how to access the z= mechanism; for example: 
       let index = 0
       let b=['Select word:']
       for item in spellsuggest('fooey', 10)
          let index += 1
          let b += [printf("%2d. %s", index, item)] 
       let correct=inputlist(b) 
  But I still do not know how to access the mechanisms used 
  by i_CRTL-N and i_CTRL-X_CTRL-S -- I mean the mechanism 
  that pops up a list of selections near the cursor itself.
  How does one access that?


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