Yakov Lerner wrote:

According to ':help _viminit', vim will autoload
*one* of %HOME%/_vimrc or %VIM%/_vimrc , but not both !

Use of $HOME for MS-DOS and Win32                       *$HOME-use*

The MS-DOS and Win32 versions of Vim now first check $HOME when searching for
a vimrc or exrc file and for reading/storing the viminfo file.  Previously Vim
used $VIM for these systems, but this causes trouble on a system with several
users.  Now Vim uses $VIM only when $HOME is not set or the file is not found
in $HOME.  See |_vimrc|.

                          *VIMINIT* *.vimrc* *_vimrc* *EXINIT* *.exrc* *_exrc*
     c. Four places are searched for initializations.  The first that exists
        is used, the others are ignored.  The $MYVIMRC environment variable is
        set to the file that was first found, unless $MYVIMRC was already set.
        -  The environment variable VIMINIT (see also |compatible-default|) (*)
           The value of $VIMINIT is used as an Ex command line.
        -  The user vimrc file(s):
                    "$HOME/.vimrc"    (for Unix and OS/2) (*)
                    "s:.vimrc"                (for Amiga) (*)
                    "home:.vimrc"     (for Amiga) (*)
                    "$VIM/.vimrc"     (for OS/2 and Amiga) (*)
                    "$HOME/_vimrc"    (for MS-DOS and Win32) (*)
                    "$VIM/_vimrc"     (for MS-DOS and Win32) (*)

So, if the documentation is correct, then I wonder, why
$HOME/_vimrc isn't used. On MS-DOS and Win32, it should
be used before $VIM/_vimrc is used.

To make vim work uniformly, you can put all your settings
into %HOME%\_vimrc, and make %VIM%/_vimrc
one-liner that says
         :source %HOME%\_vimrc

Actually, I'd rather not, as I'd rather not fiddle with files
that got installed automatically. I'd rather just have a file
in my $HOME which I tailor to my needs.

And according to the documentation (see above) that should
be possible.

Alexander Skwar
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