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> Dnia piątek, 26 maja 2006 03:28, David Purton napisał:
> >
> > Any suggestions? It kind of looks like a bug, but maybe I'm missing
> > something obvious.
> Maybe you have some custom highlighting definitions for HTML? Remove
> them and check once more.

mmm, not as far as I know. how can I tell?

Well it *is* related to syntax highlighting.

If I turn syntax higlighting off, it works correctly.

It is not just windows, I can reproduce the probem under linux as well.

Using debian unstable I can do the following to reproduce the problem:

$ gvim -u /etc/vim/vimrc -U /etc/vim/gvimrc    # load debian defaults
:set filetype=xhtml
:set spell

Enter the following:

<h1>This word is spelt incorectly</h1>
<p>This word is spelt incorectly</p>

h1, p and incorectly should be marked as wrong in all places.

Now turn syntax on
:syntax on

Only incorectly within the <h1> tag is marked as wrong. The tag names
are not marked as wrong (good), but incorectly in the <p> tag is missed



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