You could store the associations in a global dict variable, and use it
in the BufWinEnter.  You could then store the dict var in your .vimrc,
a separate file, or let viminfo handle it.

On 5/28/06, Geoffrey Alan Washburn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Gerald Lai wrote:
> Since 'spellfile' cannot be set from a modeline for security reasons,
> you can try placing something like this in your vimrc:
> autocmd BufWinEnter *
>   \ if expand("%:t") == "myfile1.txt"     |
>   \   set spellfile=myspell1.latin1.add   |
>   \ elseif expand("%:t") == "myfile2.txt" |
>   \   set spellfile=myspell2.utf-8.add    |
>   \ else                                  |
>   \   set spellfile=                      |
>   \ endif                                 |

        Ah, this is actually a bit too heavyweight, as it would mean keeping a
rather complicated switching block in my .vimrc, that includes the full
path of every LaTeX file for which I have a dictionary.  Regardless,
your suggestion reminded me that I can set a per directory .vimrc, so I
just placed one in my project directory and I seem to be set.  This
isn't quite as nice as my original proposal because it means it only
works if I start vim from within that directory.

Somehow I don't see how this is any less of a security risk than
allowing what I proposed.

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