* On Sat, Jun 10, 2006 at 10:46:51PM +0200, Marc Weber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> Hi. I've written another little script.. But by now you need sh and a
> client-server version. Perhaps you like it?

> gvim --servername  MYSERVERNAME

I'm using a similar trick in a plugin of mine [1]. Most of the, perl,
solution came from this ML.

> [...]
>   let cmd="sh -c '".a:cmd." > ".s:tempfile."; ".vim." --servername 
> \"".v:servername."\" --remote-send \":call CommandHasFinished()<cr>\"'"
>   "exec ":!".cmd." &"
>   call system(cmd." &")
> [...]

> How do you like it?

I'm afraid this is not really portable. If `start' can be used in the
same way on windows, it is not a problem though.

I like the idea of changing the colorscheme. This is somehow more
efficient than the :echo I was doing.

As an improvment, it could be interresting to redirect stderr as well.

[1] <http://hermitte.free.fr/vim/ressources/lh-BTW.tar.gz> (still in an
alpha stage.)
Luc Hermitte

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