Yakov Lerner wrote:

I need to match lines using g// (not v//); those lines having
'foo' and NOT having /)\s*;/ anywhere in the line. How do I write such regex.

I think I need to use \&
and then put, in place of XXX, the pattern that
matches anything not containing /)\s*;/. How do I express it in vim.


I'd write \([^)]\|)\S\|)\s*[^;]\) failing other things.

May I suggest that you try LogiPat out:
or at
 (see "LogiPat")

(as always, my website has the most up-to-date version)

In this case,   :echo LogiPat('"foo" & !")\s*;') yields

 \%(.*foo.*\&^\%(\%()\s*;\)[EMAIL PROTECTED])*$\)

Chip Campbell

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