I found a great perlsupport addon for vim, and love it so far. I am trying to figure out how to use the hotkeys, but cannot figure out how to translate the notation into keystrokes. can anyone walk me through what is meant by the hotkey definitions at: http://lug.fh-swf.de/vim/vim-doc/perlsupport.html#perlsupport-usage-vim

ex: in describing hotkeys, they use: ... \cl Line End Comment \cf Frame Comment \cu Function Description \ch File Header (*.pl) ...

what keystroke does the backslash represent?

Thanks, Matt

I'm not familiar with that custom plugin, but I believe the backslash represents a backslash. Which exact keystroke you must hit to produce it, at which position in your keyboard, may depend on which national keyboard leyout you are using. On my Belgian-French AZERTY keyboard, a backslash is produced by hitting the AltGr key together with the key at bottom left, between Shift and W, which has the symbols < > \ on it.

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