Max Dyckhoff wrote:

> I have some issues with the working directory in vim that I really
> cannot get to the bottom of. I have tried looking through the help, and
> I've searched the Interweb too, to no avail, so I thought I would turn
> to this trusty mailing list!
> I operate a single vim instance with multiple files open in multiple
> splits. The common working directory for my code files is
> c:\<project>\main\source\, and the majority of the files therein lie in
> ai\<filename>. Normally the vim split status line shows the file as
> being ai\<filename>, namely the relative path from the working directory
> of c:\<project>\main\source\.
> When I open a new file - which I invariably do using "sf <filename>", as
> I have all the appropriate directories in my path - occasionally the
> statusline shows as the absolute path, namely
> c:\<project>\main\source\ai\<filename>. If I perform the command "cd
> c:\<project>\main\source", then the status line fixes itself. It should
> be noted that the status line is only incorrect for the new file;
> existing files are still fine.

"occasionally" is the key here.  Can you figure out when this happens?

Just think of all the things we haven't thought of yet.

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