On 7/26/06, Trent Gamblin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Wed, 2006-07-26 at 09:04 -0500, Tim Chase wrote:
> For doing binary editing in vim (a rare occurance, when I'm not
> just using a proper hex-editor), I tend to use the xxd that comes
> with the windows version (and is usually available on most Linux
> systems I've used) for transforming into an ascii representation
> of the hex, and translating back.  Details are found at

The problem I have with xxd is that I don't know a way to insert
and delete characters.

If you add '-p' option to 'xxd' (see man xxd), like this:
         au BufReadPost *.bin if &bin | %!xxd -p
then you different hex format (without offsets) where
you can easily add and remove bytes. The
downside of 'xxd -p' format is, it doesn't show ascii part,
only hex.

I think some other reversible convertors exist,
(vis/unvis ?) that convert only unprintable chars and leave
printable chars untact. In this conversion, it's easy to
add and remove chars, too.


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