Thanks Steve. Your package worked great. "START /WAIT gvim-7-0-63 /S" worked
perfectly in a batch file.

It didn't prompt for anything and it appears to be the "Typical" install that
is a choice when running the installer in an interactive fashion.

Are there any differences in what your package installs (or how the
installation is configured) versus the official vim package besides the
install mechanism? (I hope that question was clear enough)

Thanks again and thanks for such a quick response.


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On Tue, 2006-08-22 at 20:17 -0400, Nathan B. Heck wrote:
> I appoligize in advance if I missed the answer to my quiestion in
> the FAQ, website or message archive. I did check the aforemention
> area's and I didn't have any luck.
> I have about 75 windows machines that I need to install Vim on. Does
> anyone know of a way to install vim 7.0 silently or in an unattended
> fasion? If I have to I could repackage the installer but I'd prefer
> to use a command line argument native to the vim installer if one
> exists. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
> in advance.

I can't speak to the standard Vim package as I know it uses a
combination of the Nullsoft Installer and a custom install.exe
program, but the one I package here:

relies entirely on the Nullsoft Installer, which is supposed to
respond to the "/S" switch to force a silent install.

Unfortunately, I'm not on a Windows box at the moment to test this,
but I would assume it simply uses the default which may or may not be
to your liking. I'd appreciate feedback on this if you decide to test
it, it shouldn't be too difficult to quiet any un-handled dialogs.

Alternatively, you might just set up a batch file to copy the program
files and run a simple .reg file on login to register the dll on each

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