looks like my mails are atlast going thru :) Here's my questions :

I have two questions regarding working with the menu pane in vim GUI
mode (gvim).

I use a tags enabled design environment in which lots of files
(buffers) are simultaneously opened. I like to use a single window
without splitting , in which I read one buffer at a time. In order to
go to other files, I seamless traverse through my tags enabled files.
But if I want to suddenly jump to an arbitrary open file, I go to
Buffers menu , which pops up the list of loaded buffers, from which I
select my file through mouse or arrow keys.

1) The problem is, if there are too many open files, the Buffers menu
popup doesnt fit into a single screen. Also , only files that are
popped-up by the buffer menu in the current screen are selectable ,
the others cannot be scrolled or selected by mouse etc. Is there a way
to make that happen ? Of course , if I do a ":b filename" as a command
mode command , it works. Also, a "tear-off" menu also doesnt help.

2) How do I make Buffers menu alphabetically pop-up the loaded buffers ?

Thanks, Ujjal

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