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I want to use vim to watch the output of another program (logfile, compilation output, ...). I want to have something like the functionality of the unix "tail" command, that is, if something new is written to the file, I want the buffer to get updated. I know I can reload the file manually with ":e", but I want it to be done automatically. I tried the autoread option (":set ar"), but I still have to reload the buffer by hand, the buffer does not get updated automatically. Could anybody tell me, how autoread is supposed to work?

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If Vim detects that a file has been changed outside Vim and not inside Vim, 'autoread' will make Vim reread it automatically. But that auto-read won't happen if you do nothing. Vim checks timestamps after invoking the shell, and when you issue the ":checktime" command. Even if you add

  :au CursorHold,CursorHoldI * checktime

the check will be triggered *once* if you wait for 'updatetime' milliseconds without doing anything, then it won't be retriggered until you hit a key.

You could also use

  :map <F7> :checktime<CR>
  :map! <F7> <C-O>:checktime<CR>

then hit F7 periodically to see if anything has been added. Etc...

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