On Sat, 23 Sep 2006 at 12:49am, Yakov Lerner wrote:

> On 9/23/06, Hari Krishna Dara <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > I am wondering if it is possible to copy a file in the windows explorer
> > (MS windows) and then access the filename(s) from vim/gvim. I know there
> > are workarounds like dnd and sendto powertoy to send the filename to
> > clipboard, but they are not that convenience, as they either require
> > using the mouse or you need to use several key strokes.
> It is easy to add SendTo items to file explorer. I think I had
> a trick that added a SendTo item and when you selected it,
> it puts filename to the clipboard. But I forgot how exactly I
> did it, and (2) it does require mouse, although yuo can do it
> with keyborad shortcuts like Shift-F10 ... I'm not using windows
> anymore, forgot it. I was also using the Rename trick:
> choose rename file in explorer, press Ctrl-C, and you have
> filename in the clipboard.
> Yakov

The SendTo works, I currently have it, but it will just open a new
instance. If you use the Vim installer, it creates "Open With" context
menu entries which are better, as you can open with existing windows.
However, this is not what I want, and I realize I am not clear about one
thing here. I don't want to open the file, I just want to get the
filename at the command-line (or insert the filename into the current
buffer, say as a string constant). The reason I mentioned dnd is if you
start the command mode, and then dnd a file, Vim nicely inserts its
filename instead of actually loading the file. I want the same
functionality without having to do dnd or open the file first. The best
I can think of is if Vim can understand this format, and extract
filename(s) it will be very useful (at least for me).

I use the rename trick often, but this will not get the entire path into
the clipboard, just the name.


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