VimTip 979 suggests to do the following mapping:

     nmap <Space> /
     nmap <C-Space> ?

 . I wanted to try that and wrote the sequence into my .vimrc.
 The first mapping works nice, but the second doesn nothing.

 I tried to figure out what happens (or what do not happen...) and
 used the Ctrl-k trick I learnd here. But it shows that the problem 
 is some levels down.

 I used xkeycaps and it shows, that Ctrl-Space isn't recognized at all
 and Shift-Space does the same as Space. 

 Before I shoot into my own feet and render my computer useless by
 screwing up the keyboard interface:

 1.) Is it possible and sane to map S-Space and C-Space to something 
     (and what ?) with xkeycaps ?
 2.) Or is it a more general problem, that those combination of keys
     aren't recognized correctly ?

 Thank you very much in advance for any help in advance !



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