Surya Kiran Gullapalli wrote:
Sorry for cross posting. I thought its a problem with gtk+ and it
occurs when i use vim gui version with gtk+ gui.

I've compiled vim against gtk+-2.10 on SuSE linux 9.1. Gvim does
not display plain text file correctly.  When starting, the following
message appears:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/tmp$ gvim a.c

** (gvim:5444): CRITICAL **: ascii_glyph_table_init: assertion
`gui.ascii_glyphs->num_glyphs == sizeof(ascii_chars)' failed

The line

#include <stdio.h>
is displayed as

#kpdnwef <uwekq.i>

It seems some glyphs are not loaded correctly, as all the characters
are shifted by 1 or 2 places.
I was using SUSE Sans Mono font. Then I've switched to Bitstream Vera
Sans Mono font and every thing works fine.

How can i make it work with SUSE Sans Mono font. What is the problem
with that font.? When i compile vim against gtk+-2.6 every thing is

Any solution?


On SuSE 9.3 (which I'm using) the "shipped" version of GTK2 is 2.6.4. Maybe there's something wrong in your GTK2 version 2.10? If it works with 2.6, keep using it (possibly using yast2 for "online update" from time to time).

Whichever version of GTK2 you decide to use, don't forget that the versions of the gtk2 and gtk2-devel packages must agree, and that both are required to compile and run a version of Vim with GTK2 GUI.

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