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On 9/29/2006 11:33:42 PM Yakov Lerner wrote:
> When you define new clearcase view, it starts new subshell and only  
> process which are children of this subshell see the files belonging to

> the view, thanks to the clearcase kernel magic.

I knew that already. But was hoping that there would be some way of
working around it. 
> It follows that server will not see files from this view.
> (At least, definitely not under same filenames as client vim would 
> see.)
> If what you want is you use is to edit *many* files from *one* view in

> one  server-gvim, then the solution is to [re]start this gvim under 
> the view  shell.

I knew how I used to work around it when I used Emacs. I would start a
Emacs server out of any view. Then I would start the emacs client using 

emacsclient ${CLEARCASE_ROOT}/${PWD}/<filename>

This would always open up the file from the right view, since the
complete path was specificed. And I was hoping that the same would work
in vim as well. Looks like it won't.

> But If you want to access files from two different view in one gvim, 
> then  ask your clearcase admin how to access /view/user.view 
> pathnames; ask  your  clearcase admin how to access 2 views without 
> starting subshell. I  think the answer for accessing /view filsystem 
> lies in the domain of the  clearcase admin.
> You'll need how to find out how to access clearcase view without 
> starting  a subshell.

I think I will stick to the solution of starting multiple gvim windows.
However I would have really loved to share the registers/clipboard etc.
Thanks for the help Anyway.


> Yakov

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