Suresh Govindachar wrote:
>> I have a line from about 40.000 characters. I want to break >> this up into lines which are 80 charactes long.
  >> In a previous thread, a few months ago this was possible with
  >> one g-command. I did use it then also, but can't recall it
  >> anymore.
  > I presume you must be misremembering "g". I've done it with
  > ":s" before:
  >     :%s/.\{80\}/&\r/g
  > It's a little trickier if you want it to fall exactly on word-
  > boundaries, rather than hacking in the middle of words.
  > However, if this is the case, drop a line back and I'll see
  > what I can do.

:set tw=80 followed by gqq
  Whether line break up happens at word boundaries or not depends on
  some parameter -- I have forgotten which.


IIUC, hard line breaks always happen between words. When 'formatoptions' includes m then multibyte characters >255 are regarded as one word each in this respect (useful for CJK).

Soft breaks (i.e. line wrapping with 'wrap' on) happens at the screen edge (even in the middle of a word) unless you have both 'linebreak' and 'nolist'.

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