On Tue, Oct 24, 2006 at 07:03:37PM -0700, Hari Krishna Dara wrote:
> I am facing a weird problem with the '' marker not getting set. Here is
> what I am doing, but this may be more generic than what I do, but this
> scenario is the most I use:
> - While on an identifier, use ^W^] to jump to the id definition.
> - Mark the line, say, ma
> - move a few lines up using k, say kkk
> - yank the range using y'a
> - Try to go back to the original position using ''
> Instead of cursor going back to the original line, it goes to the start
> of the file. This behavior is really irritating, as I end up doing this
> sequence repeatedly and it surprises me everytime. I have a feeling that
> this wasn't happening in prior versions. Is there a flag that that I
> might have changed?

     I think it will work the way you want if you stay within the same
file.  Looking quickly, I do not see it stated explicitly, but I think
all of the "other" maps are local to the file (or maybe buffer), like 'a
to 'z .  Only 'A to 'Z and '0 to '9 move between files.  In particular,
'' will jump to the '' mark in the current file.  You can use <C-O> or
<C-T> to jump back to your previous position.

     To reproduce:

:help ''

Then follow the links to :keepjumps (in the same file) or
restore-position (different file) and try '' or <C-O> in either case.

HTH                                     --Benji Fisher

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