On Nov 3, 2006, at 3:29 PM, Paul Irofti wrote:

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On Nov 3, 2006, at 3:13 PM, Paul Irofti wrote:
I've just switched to dvorak and was wondering if there's any
support for dvorak keyboards as the old qwerty keyboard mappings
tend to screw up all logic in command mode (specially movement).

I exclusively use Dvorak on my Mac (v10.4.8) with vim 7. No
problems... not sure what you mean by "screw up all logic in command

h,l,j,k W,B, etc. all work for me.


erm yes, but look at their position on the keyboard, I mean it doesn't
make any sense!

Ahh, I *had* the same compliant about using Dvorak in *any* program.

The problem stems from how application human interface design (HID) begins... on a QWERTY keyboard. Command-Q (Quit) for example on the Mac. This simple command becomes Command-X when literally translated to Dvorak, but it is still *logically* Command-Q. HIDesigners would argue til they were blue in the face, that Command-X is bad,bad,bad. The use of the Q was not because "Quit" begins with "Q", but because of the placement of the letter in relation to the Command key itself. This sort of thought goes into Windows as well... not so much Linux, but that's a discussion for /.

So when you make a decision to switch to Dvorak, you accept the departure from well thought out, or not so well thought out, HIGuidelines, and remember that 'h' moves left, 'l' moves right, etc. The movement strokes are still there, just not literally mapped. I would not, for example take it upon myself to remap Dvorak 'd' to move left. That invites headaches.


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