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On 11/8/06, Alan Young <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Yegappan Lakshmanan wrote:
> If you need a sample code that uses the tree control, you can use
> the attached file explorer plugin. Place this file in the ~/.vim/plugin
> directory.
> To open the file explorer, use the following command:
>    :FileTreeOpen [dirname]

Where do I put the treectl.vim file? I put it in .vim/plugin and tried
an autoload directory under .vim (your zip has that directory in it) but
filetree.vim won't load (I added an echo in the block that checks for
treectrl#available and go the echo on startup).

You should place the treectrl.vim file in the ~/.vim/autoload directory.
The filetree.vim plugin should be placed in the ~/.vim/plugin

- Yegappan

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