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> DervishD wrote:
> [...]
> >    I'm pretty sure that my keyboard driver will feed keys faster
> >than 1 per 100 milliseconds (that's my ttimeoutlen setting right
> >now), and although I'm a fast typer, probably 100 will be too fast
> >for me.
> [...]
> Then ttimeoutlen=100 is "right" for you: it should be slower than your 
> keyboard driver's speed (when entering several bytes for one keypress) but 
> faster than your own typing speed. OTOH, 'timeoutlen' should be longer 

    I currently have timeoutlen=1000 and ttimeoutlen=100, which are
the values I feel comfortable with.

    BTW, I think that my last message won't make into the list
because of a problem in my mail setup and the mailing list setup. It
should be fixed by now.

    Thanks :)

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