Vim may very well be able to do that with built-in commands. I use
the external paragraph reformatter 'par-1.52' for this:

For example, to format and justify this reply in vim, I used:

  :'<,'>!par 66j

A patch for 'par' also exists to make it work with Unicode UTF-8.


> Hi
> I  know   vim  understands  character  sequences   that  delimit
> comments in various programming  languages and gqap formats them
> appropriately.
> However, while  typing a  reply to an  e-mail, the  gqap command
> doesn't seem to identify the end  of a paragraph in the original
> message because empty  lines are also preceded by a  ">" or some
> such string. As a result, gqap  formats the rest of the original
> message and kicks me all the way to the end of the file.
> Whereas  I'd  like  to  just format  the  current  paragraph,  a
> paragraph in its normal sense, and be placed at the end of it.
> In  essence, I  want  to  tell vim  that  ">"  sequences at  the
> beginning of a line is just a leader not a part of the line.
> How do I do this?
> Thanks in advance.
> Senthil.

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