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I believe both versions of Vim get its initial info from ~/.bashrc.

Well, actually they get the environment from the shell that starts Vim.

When you start Vim from the bash, it will inherit the environment.
When you start Vim from the Finder (or the Dock) it will only have a minimal environment.

Which verion(s) are you using? I have OS X 10.4.8 and the command line version of Vim is 6.3.82.

This seems to be the Vim provided with Mac OS. It was 6.3 in MacOS 10.3

The GUI version is 7.0. Other than some goofy font issues, the GUI version is more useful and has some rather nice features (tabs for one) that aren't available in the earlier command line version.

You can this version in the command line as well, I have
alias vim="~/src/Vim/vim70/src/darwin7.9/"
alias gvim="~/src/Vim/vim70/src/darwin7.9/ -g &"
in my .bashrc.

2. Where does the gui version get its initial environment from? I want
to add some extra stuff to PATH. I know I can do this using $PATH in
the .vimrc, but I would rather do it at some global level.

I don't know how to extend the environment of the Finder, but maybe you can write an automator script to call Vim from a bash.


PS: I cc'ed this to the Mac list as well.

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