Uppercasing UTF-8 works for me as well in Greek, using ~ for all
letters, even for 1 character (final sigma) whose uppercasing is not
reversible. (It reverses back to medial sigma).  In Hebrew (which has no
upper case) it has no effect. I suppose it depends on the language and
the particular character.  But I also suppose that in your case it
SHOULD work, otherwise you wouldn't be asking for it.  Try converting
some of your normal files (using the same language as your csv file) to
utf-8 (load, then :set encoding=utf-8) and see if they uppercase with ~.


On Tue, 9 Jan 2007 08:53:10 +0100, "Przemyslaw Gawronski"
> Hi
> I've got csv file, with some text fields encoded in utf-8. I would like
> to upper case the first letter in a word. Normally I would just use '~'
> on that character, but it doesn't seem to work with utf-8 encoding.
> Thanks for suggestions
> Przemek
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