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    Hi Tony :)

 * A.J.Mechelynck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> dixit:
One thing I just noticed: shell scripts (which are text) get "application/x-shellscript" and no charset, at least on my system; IMHO that's a bug in the "file" program.

    I don't know if it is a bug or not, but IMHO it is because the
output has a different structure from one mimetype to other. It should
always output the charset or never, but not only for text. I don't know
if any standard mandates that "charset" is only meaningful for
"text/plain", but...

    If tomorrow morning I have some spare time I'll try to get a better
solution, preferably using VimL only.

    Thanks for your help :)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

Charset is meaningful for any kind of text, just not for binary data. Shell scripts, however, are text, not binary (and can been edited with Vim with no problem). What I call a bug is that, if a text file starts with #!/bin/bash^J (all in ASCII text, ending in a linefeed), and has execute permissions, file -i mentions a mime-type starting application/ not text/ , and does not mention any charset.

I suppose discussion of possible bugs in "file" is OT here anyway.

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