Gene Kwiecinski wrote:
1. How to setup my gvim to open to the maximal size when I start it?

How do you open gvim?  If you start by clicking the icon, you may
right click the icon and find an option regarding the size when
starting in property (I'm not using win XP now so I'm not sure about
the exact option).

I had a similar problem for a long time.  On this machine here, for some
reason, I got it to start out maximised right off (luck?), but
ironically, on my 98SE laptop, I can't do *anything* to get it to start
off maximised.  I tried the icon in the traybar-thingy, in the "Start"
menu, anyplace/everyplace I could find it, set the properties to start
off maximised, but it insisted on being a resizeable window.  Only
Tony's suggestion to try the 'simalt ~x' worked, but even so, I can see
it starting out as a "window", then jiggling a bit then filling out to

Point being, the simalt thing worked for me.  Not quite as I wanted it
to (ie, to start out maximised, not resize after loading up), but it
still works.

I didn't suggest it. What I suggested was

if has("gui_running")
        set guifont=<something>
        set lines=99999 columns=99999

(which worked for me on W98 and on XP, and still does on Linux with kde) in the vimrc. Someone else suggested ":simalt ~x" which works provided that, in your locale, the shortcut for "Maximize" in the Alt-Space menu is "x". In a French version of Windows it would be ":simalt ~g" for instance.

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