>Anyway, how can I map shift-arrow keys as is used in SELECT-MODE?
>Or any other suggestion for a smarter way is also very welcome.

I just use visual mode.  Almost the same exact motions as arrowing
around, ie, hit the start where you want to begin highlighting, then
move 'til the end.

        v       characterwise highlighting
        V       linewise highlighting

Then once highlighted, you could yank to a clipboard, use as the
affected text of a 's', 'x', 'r' command, etc.

Eg, if I wanted to change "yank" to "put" in the above sentence, I could


and be done with it.  Try it.

Instead of 'e' to get to the end of the word, I could do "10e", '$', use
the arrows, whatever I wanted to encompass the text I wanted to affect,
then use whatever operators to effect those changes.  'x' or <del> to
delete, 's' to substitute, etc.

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