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--- "A.J.Mechelynck" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Your script can use ":setlocal eol" or ":setlocal
> noeol" regardless of whether
> 'bin' is on at the time. What's your problem with
> that?

The program I use to recreate the binary file just
before writing it to disk (OT, it's not a script,
though this shouldn't matter) is run as a shell
command by vim. The exact line on my .vimrc is:

autocmd BufWritePre,FileWritePre    *.ext
'[,']!txt2ext -s a 2>/tmp/vimlog

Now, I'm not sure how my "script" can pass a vim

Do you need to pass the vim setting into your script ?
You can do this using the environment variable.
vim can set environment variables (:let $NAMe=value)
and script can test them. For example, :let $EOF=&eol


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