fREW wrote:
Does anyone here know if there is anyone trying to set up
omnicompletion for C#/.NET?  I know that you can get vim for visual
studio, but that doesn't work with the express editions, which is what
I am stuck with when I code almost anywhere other than my personal

Thanks in advance!

Omnicompletion is for editing files within Vim. This bears no relation with embedding Vim in Visual Studio.

Have you tried using it? You may need to run Exuberant Ctags first in order to generate a tags file for your project.

See ":help ft-c-omni".

A _limited_ form of omnicompletion can be used with almost any filetype and without tags, provided that syntax highlighting is on (because it relies on syntax keywords etc.). It is set up by

        :setlocal omnifunc=syntaxcomplete#Complete

To set it only when no other omni completion is set up by the filetype plugin, 

        :autocmd Syntax * if &omnifunc == ""
                \ | setl omnifunc=syntaxcomplete#Complete
                \ | endif

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