Taylor Venable wrote:

> I can't find anything about it on the Vim website, so I was wondering
> what the status of the Vim logo is.  Does someone own the copyright to
> it?  Is it in the public domain?  Would it be alright to create, say, a
> wallpaper with the Vim logo in it and release the wallpaper under a
> CC-BY-SA license?  Thanks for clarification!

The Vim logo was made by a few people, at least including Vince Negri
and me.  It's hard to say who owns the copyright officially, but I can
claim to make decisions about it, since I decided to use it.

In general you are free to use the Vim logo for promotion of Vim.  No
need to get written permission.  However, if I notice misuse of the Vim
logo I might get furious and poke someone with soft cushions.  Have at

I don't think you need a license for a wallpaper, especially since it
will be hard to match the "license" of the Vim logo.

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