> I found a ruby command's bug on Windows VIM.
> :ruby require 'open-uri'
> :ruby open('http://google.com/')
>  => SocketError: `initialize': getaddrinfo: non-recoverable failure in
> name resolution.
> :ruby open('')
>  => vim dies
> In Windows, NtInitialize() should called when initializing Ruby.
> Otherwise, socket is never initialized.
> Here is patch.

Thanks for looking into this.

I don't include patches without knowing the name of the author.  If you
are scared you can mail me directly.

About this part:

        #ifdef _WIN32
                    int argc;
                    char *argv[] = {"gvim.exe"};
                    NtInitialize(&argc, (char***)&argv);

I think "argc" should be set to 1.  Typecasting should not be needed for
argv.  How about this instead:

        #ifdef _WIN32
                    int argc = 1;
                    char *argv[] = {"gvim.exe"};
                    NtInitialize(&argc, &argv);

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