The tag *:py3file* is in a wrong place.
Please check the attached patch.

Ken Takata

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# HG changeset patch
# Parent  2720a028af302b9fa05dd2944e86b49cafc2b73f

diff --git a/runtime/doc/if_pyth.txt b/runtime/doc/if_pyth.txt
--- a/runtime/doc/if_pyth.txt
+++ b/runtime/doc/if_pyth.txt
@@ -748,11 +748,11 @@ 10. Python 3						*python3*
 The `:py3` and `:python3` commands work similar to `:python`.  A simple check
 if the `:py3` command is working: >
 	:py3 print("Hello")
-<							*:py3file*
 To see what version of Python you have: >
 	:py3 import sys
 	:py3 print(sys.version)
+<							*:py3file*
 The `:py3file` command works similar to `:pyfile`.
 The `:py3do` command works similar to `:pydo`.

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