Gary Johnson wrote:

> While grepping for a certain string under $VIMRUNTIME, I discovered
> that syntax/cdl.vim contains a NUL (^@) in a comment (at line 33).
> This causes grep to classify it as a binary file and file to
> classify it as data.
> The NUL should be removed and replaced with a UTF-8 character, or
> better yet, ASCII.
> I tried to send email to the maintainer, Raul Segura Acevedo, but it
> was returned because the recipient address was rejected by the
> remote host.
> Would someone like to take over maintainership of that file and fix
> this?  I can fix it, but I don't use CDL, so I wouldn't be an
> appropriate maintainer.

Let me at least remove that NUL.

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