Hi Christian,

2016/9/21 Wed 5:31:26 UTC+9 Christian Brabandt wrote:
> Hi,
> I think I found a bug with lambda expressions.
> I was looking into writing some automated tests and was trying to use 
> the new lambda expressions. However this does not work as expected:
> Here is an example:
> #v+
>   let a = ['FOOBAR    "word"', 'FOOBAR    "word2"']
>   let pat='^FOOBAR\s\+\zs"[^"]\+"'
>   let pat2='^FOOBAR\s\+\("[^"]\+"\)'
>   :echo map(copy(a), 'matchstr(v:val, g:pat)')
>   -> result ['"word"', '"word2"']
>   :echo map(copy(a), {val -> matchstr(val, g:pat)})
>   -> BUG: result ['""', '""'], expected ['"word"', '"word2"']
>   :echo map(copy(a), 'substitute(v:val, g:pat2, ''\=submatch(1)'',"")')
>   -> result ['"word"', '"word2"']
>   :echo map(copy(a), {val -> substitute(val, g:pat2, '\=submatch(1)', '')})
>   -> BUG: result ['0', '1'], expected ['"word", '"word2"']
> #v-

This is not a bug. map() always passes two arguments (key and val) to the
specified Funcref. So,

>   :echo map(copy(a), {val -> matchstr(val, g:pat)})

this should be:

  :echo map(copy(a), {key, val -> matchstr(val, g:pat)})

Or you can still use v:val:

  :echo map(copy(a), {-> matchstr(v:val, g:pat)})

Ken Takata

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