I recently switched to vim.basic on Xubuntu 16.10. Apart from many
things i use it as a editing tool while doing live-coding performances.

However i noticed there is some trouble with the way vim.basic handles
file writes as compared to vim.tiny. The application i am using for
live-coding, constantly checks a file for modifications, and if the file
was modified, renders it to screen. Everything works well using
vim.tiny, however after i started using vim.basic i noticed that i get
very often a EOENT error from the application, which sometimes results
in the code not being rendered.

After many hours spent on this i realized it occurs only and only if i
use vim.basic for editing of the file. The application checks the file
modification time inside a infite loop using stat like this:


struct stat sb;
if (stat(file_path, &sb) == -1) {
        int errsv = errno;
        if (errsv == ENOENT ){ printf("ENOENT: %s\r\n", file_path); }
        return 1;
*out_mod_time = sb.st_mtime;


Checking for all possible errnums i found the one returning is ENOENT
and put a printf to capture the file_path as seen above. What is
strange, whenever this happens i get a correct file_path from the

ENOENT: shaders/tunnel.glsl

I wonder what might be the cause, and also what makes up the difference
between vim.tiny and vim.basic. I suppose it must be some special way of
writing the file to disk and modifying the st_mtime, that triggers my
error. Maybe i am doing the st_mtime check in a bad way.

I am using VIM - Vi IMproved 7.4 (2013 Aug 10, compiled Jun 16 2016
10:50:38) and checked this behavior on two machines with freshly
installed Xubuntu 16.10. It only happens when i edit the file with
vim.basic never with vim.tiny, or if i use sed to edit the file.

Maybe someone here can help me ? Im not sure if this is a bug, for me it
is, but it might also be my application.

thanks for any reply,


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