On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 02:19:04AM +0200, gnd wrote:
> However i noticed there is some trouble with the way vim.basic handles
> file writes as compared to vim.tiny. The application i am using for
> live-coding, constantly checks a file for modifications, and if the file
> was modified, renders it to screen. Everything works well using
> vim.tiny, however after i started using vim.basic i noticed that i get
> very often a EOENT error from the application, which sometimes results
> in the code not being rendered.

vim.tiny runs with 'compatible' set, so 'backupcopy' is set to "yes".
However, vim.basic runs with 'nocompatible' set, so 'backupcopy' is
"auto".  It sounds like Vim is deciding that it can use the "no"
behavior of 'backupcopy' in the situation where you encounter ENOENT.

When 'backupcopy' is effectively "no", the original file is renamed and
a new file is written when you save a buffer, so there is a window where
the original file name doesn't exist.

When 'backupcoy' is effectively "yes", a copy of the original file is
made and the original is then overwritten, so the file path always

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