Hi Axel!

On Do, 22 Sep 2016, Axel Bender wrote:

> The following image shows an erratical behavior of setpos() that I
> cannot explain. When calling setpos("'<", ...), setpos("'>", ...) for
> that matter, the behavior is OK for the first <n> calls to setpos().
> However, from a certain number of calls (cannot specify), or triggered
> by some event (that I do not know), setpos() behaves like shown in the
> attached image.
> Any clues?
[getpos returning 21474833647 as column]

That happens, when you press e.g. '$' to make sure the cursor will be in 
the last column. That is not a bug, but an implementation detail, that 
happens to be visible to the user.

In der Bibel steht, daß wir 6 Tage Arbeiten und am 7. Ruhen sollen. Wo aber
steht, daß wir am 8. Tag wieder anfangen sollen zu arbeiten?

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