Hi Together

I have written a small vim plugin, which loads some signs and displays them 
besides normal errors.
so it loads the loclist adds some entries, stores it again and update the signs.
this works pretty fine, if I start the process with a custom command.

Now I want to do this as autocommand whenever a file is saved.
But somehow I does not get this to work.

I tried the following:
"autocmd BufWritePost <buffer> call ...."
but it does not excecute it,
I tried to wrap it in a augroup, I tried also adding "autocmd! BufWritePost 
<buffer>" before the actual call.

If I place the line in the java.vim file (I'm using eclim for the java 
functionality) directly after the autocommand which compiles the java sources 
and displays the error, it works perfectly fine,
but I don't get vim to call it if I place it in my own plugins vim file.

I have to admitt that I'm not very experienced with vim, so may be I'm missing 
something obvious.

Kind Regards,
Markus Knecht

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