Attached patch fixes a typo in runtime/doc/eval.txt.


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diff --git a/runtime/doc/eval.txt b/runtime/doc/eval.txt
index d4a005a..7c9ef67 100644
--- a/runtime/doc/eval.txt
+++ b/runtime/doc/eval.txt
@@ -8212,7 +8212,7 @@ writefile({list}, {fname} [, {flags}])
 		end does cause the last line in the file to end in a NL.
 		When {flags} contains "a" then append mode is used, lines are
-		append to the file: >
+		appended to the file: >
 			:call writefile(["foo"], "event.log", "a")
 			:call writefile(["bar"], "event.log", "a")

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