Ozaki Kiichi wrote:

> > Isn't this a bit too drastic?  When termcap_active it should still be
> > possible to output text (e.g. from another timer command).
> > 
> > Also check msg_use_printf().  Looks like your change overrules its own
> > check for termcap_active.
> Hmm, yes. I think we should suppress updating screen while
> doing stoptermcap() ~ starttermcap() (i.e termcap_active == FALSE).
> Can we check termcap_active only in specific screen-updating functions
> (update_screen, or some), or should not do such?

Check the calls to screen_valid().  An explicit check at some of them
that termcap_active is FALSE should help.

We should perhaps also update must_redraw when bailing out.
It's needed when invoked from ex_redraw().

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