Ozaki Kiichi wrote:

> Currently, vim checks ended-job every 10 second; thus exit_cb is delayed
> 10 seconds at the maximum.
> I propose the following:
> https://gist.github.com/ichizok/fe9743f46822a9015ed2f7d65238c5db
> os_unix: check by waitpid(-1, _, WNOHANG).
> os_win32: check by WaitForMultipleObjects(),
> "the number of active jobs" / MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS (==64) times.
> They suppress the count of calling syscall to be nearly constant regardless
> of the number of active jobs.
> # I set MAX_ENDED_JOB_COUNT (the maximum number of detections
> # in job_check_ended()) to 8, but this may require consideration.

Looks useful.

The JOB_WAITED value does not have a clear meaning.  It looks like we
know the job has ended, but has not been cleaned up yet.  Perhaps call

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