Bram Moolenaar wrote´╝Ü

> You can improve this a lot by changing:
>    if ch_canread(ch)
>         let text = ch_read(ch, {'timeout':0})
>         caddexpr text
>         cbottom
>     endif
> To:
>    if ch_canread(ch)
>       while ch_canread(ch)
>               let text = ch_read(ch, {'timeout':0})
>               caddexpr text
>       endwhile
>       cbottom
>     endif

Yes, I intentionally do so to make reading really slower than writing.

> But, you might still miss some messages if the job exits early.
> I suppose we will need to add an option to tell Vim that you will read
> the messages, not using a callback.  I think this should do it:
> "drop"                Specifies when to drop messages:
>                   "auto"      When there is no callback to handle a message.
>                               The "close_cb" is also considered for this.
>                   "never"     All messages will be kept.

It's very nice if I can have the "drop" option in job_start !

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