Pasting in command line with CTRL-R is currently
not tested according to coveralls:


Attached patch adds a test for it. It should exercise at
least those functions which are entirely red in coveralls
i.e not tested:

cmdline_paste(...) in ex_getln.c
cmdline_paste_str(...) in ex_getln.c
cmdline_paste_reg(...) in ops.c


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diff --git a/src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim b/src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim
index 3718087..177da34 100644
--- a/src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim
+++ b/src/testdir/test_cmdline.vim
@@ -194,3 +194,9 @@ func Test_expand_star_star()
   call delete('a', 'rf')
+func Test_paste_in_cmdline()
+  let @a = "def"
+  call feedkeys(":abc \<C-R>a ghi\<C-B>\"\<CR>", 'tx')
+  call assert_equal('"abc def ghi', @:)

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