Hi, Ken and Bram,

2017-8-6(Sun) 23:51:28 UTC+9 Ken Takata:
> Hi,
> I wrote a patch to update terminal document. (And also fix some typos.)
> Please check the attached patch.

-term_getline({buf}, {row})     String  get a line of text from a terminal
+term_getline({buf} [, {row}])  String  get a line of text from a terminal
 term_getsize({buf})            List    get the size of a terminal
 term_getstatus({buf})          String  get the status of a terminal
 term_gettitle({buf})           String  get the title of a terminal
 term_gettty({buf})             String  get the tty name of a terminal
 term_list()                    List    get the list of terminal buffers
-term_scrape({buf}, {row})      List    get row of a terminal screen
+term_scrape({buf} [, {row}])   List    get row of a terminal screen

Certainly term_getline() and term_scrape() second argument is optional at patch 
8.0.0817, but it has been changed again to not optional at patch 8.0.0832.

And I found a forgot to modify the table value.
I attach a patch.

Best regards,
Hirohito Higashi (h_east)

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diff --git a/src/evalfunc.c b/src/evalfunc.c
index aa8b140..fde2058 100644
--- a/src/evalfunc.c
+++ b/src/evalfunc.c
@@ -834,13 +834,13 @@ static struct fst
     {"term_getattr",	2, 2, f_term_getattr},
     {"term_getcursor",	1, 1, f_term_getcursor},
     {"term_getjob",	1, 1, f_term_getjob},
-    {"term_getline",	1, 2, f_term_getline},
+    {"term_getline",	2, 2, f_term_getline},
     {"term_getsize",	1, 1, f_term_getsize},
     {"term_getstatus",	1, 1, f_term_getstatus},
     {"term_gettitle",	1, 1, f_term_gettitle},
     {"term_gettty",	1, 1, f_term_gettty},
     {"term_list",	0, 0, f_term_list},
-    {"term_scrape",	1, 2, f_term_scrape},
+    {"term_scrape",	2, 2, f_term_scrape},
     {"term_sendkeys",	2, 2, f_term_sendkeys},
     {"term_start",	1, 2, f_term_start},
     {"term_wait",	1, 1, f_term_wait},

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