Attached patch fixes a few typos and removes
an item from todo.txt which has already been done.


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diff --git a/runtime/doc/terminal.txt b/runtime/doc/terminal.txt
index 6a1285f..bd26b43 100644
--- a/runtime/doc/terminal.txt
+++ b/runtime/doc/terminal.txt
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ output from the job, also  while editing in any other window.
 Typing ~
-When the keyboard focus is in the terminal window, typed keys will be send to
+When the keyboard focus is in the terminal window, typed keys will be sent to
 the job.  This uses a pty when possible.  You can click outside of the
 terminal window to move keyboard focus elsewhere.
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ Syntax ~
 			A new buffer will be created, using [command] or
 			'shell' as the name, prefixed with a "!".  If a buffer
 			by this name already exists a number is added in
-			parenthesis.  E.g. if "gdb" exists the second terminal
+			parentheses.  E.g. if "gdb" exists the second terminal
 			buffer will use "!gdb (1)".
 When the buffer associated with the terminal is wiped out the job is killed,
diff --git a/runtime/doc/todo.txt b/runtime/doc/todo.txt
index 3f20e1b..9d95a9d 100644
--- a/runtime/doc/todo.txt
+++ b/runtime/doc/todo.txt
@@ -145,9 +145,6 @@ Patch for Murphi syntax. (Matthew Fernandez, 2017 Jul 24)
 Better detection of strace file. (Steven Fernandez, 2017 Jul 12, #1837)
-Bug with conceal mode: 3rd element returned by synconcealed() differs for
-every call. (Dominique Pelle, 2017 Jun 18)
 Add options_default() / options_restore() to set several options to Vim
 defaults for a plugin. Comments from Zyx, 2017 May 10.
 Perhaps use a vimcontext / endvimcontext command block.
@@ -168,7 +165,7 @@ Now on github: #1856.  Is now up-to-date?
 Refactored HTML indent file. (Michael Lee, #1821)
-Using uninitialzed value in test_crypt.
+Using uninitialized value in test_crypt.
 Test_writefile_fails_conversion failure on Solaris because if different iconv
 behavior.  Skip when "uname" returns "SunOS"? (Pavel Heimlich, #1872)
@@ -278,7 +275,7 @@ Still need maplist() to find the mappings.  What can we use to identify a
 mapping?  Something unique would be better than the LHS.
 Perhaps simpler: actually delete the mappings.  Use maplist() to list matching
 mappings (with a lhs prefix, like maparg()), mapdelete() to delete,
-maprestore() to restore (using the output of maplist().
+maprestore() to restore (using the output of maplist()).
 Patch to add setbufline(). (email from Yasuhiro Matsumoto, patch by Ozaki
 Kiichi, 2016 Feb 28)
@@ -404,7 +401,7 @@ MS-Windows.  Perhaps in \#  the \ is seen as a path separator. (Axel Bender,
 2017 Feb 9)  Can we expand wildcards first and send the path literally to the
 receiving Vim?  Or make an exception for #, it's not useful remotely.
-":sbr" docs state it respect 'switchbuf', but "vsplit" does not cause a
+":sbr" docs state it respects 'switchbuf', but "vsplit" does not cause a
 vertical split. (Haldean Brown, 2017 Mar 1)
 Use ADDR_OTHER instead of ADDR_LINES for many more commands.

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