I suppose that allowing setting 'cmdheight' to zero (without changing
the default of 1, and if zero, hiding the commandline whenever it's
empty) would be a minimal and backward-compatible change to Vim.

However, not only would it add jumpiness whenever Vim has a message to
display, it would be inoperant in any mode other than Normal, since
the command-line space is used to display the mode at far left.

It would also mean that the (IMHO annoying) hit-enter-prompt (q.v.)
would be triggered for every single message that Vim would want to
display. Me, I use instead

        if &cmdheight < 2
          set ch=2

in my vimrc in order to avoid the most frequent cases of
hit-enter-prompt display. So I'm not much in favour of such a change
but I wouldn't vote against its being implemented.

In order for such an option to be "maximally" effective, you would
probably also want to set noshowcmd and possibly also laststatus=0 and
noruler: see

        :help 'showcmd'
        :help 'laststatus'
        :help 'ruler'

since all of these options affect either the command-line or the real
estate available for editing.

Best regards,

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