Yegappan wrote:

> On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 12:27 PM, lacygoill <> wrote:
> > Sorry, I think I was wrong. The patch did have a positive effect, but the
> > issue doesn't not seem to be completely fixed. You don't have to execute
> > :jumps anymore, but the output of getjumplist() is still not always
> > consistent.
> >
> It looks like when reading the jump list from the .viminfo file, the file 
> names
> are not converted to buffer numbers. The buffer numbers are needed to remove
> the duplicate entries from the jump list. When running the
> getjumplist() or the ":jumps"
> command the files are loaded. The next time, when you invoke the command again
> the duplicate entries are correctly removed.
> Can you try the attached patch?

I would think this is also needed in ex_jumps(), since it has the same
problem.  Thus might as well move this code into cleanup_jumplist().
Is there any place where cleanup_jumplist() is called where we don't
actually want to create the buffers?  Perhaps in
write_viminfo_filemarks() we can skip it.

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