Hi Christian,

Quoting Christian Brabandt (2018/02/13 04:42:25 -0500)
> thanks for contributing. However I wonder what the Search autocommand
> can do, what cannot be achieved using the CmdlineEnter and CmdlineLeave
> event (see the example given at :h 'incsearch').

Thanks for the pointer, I did not realize CmdlineEnter could be used
in this way. It looks like this satisfies what I had in mind for / and ?.

However, based on testing and reading the code, it does not seem to
trigger on the other commands in 'search-commands' that might have
multiple results, namely: n, N, *, #, g*, and g# . (Well, this makes
sense as these missing ones are not almost-cmd-line commands like /
and ? are..., but it is nonetheless a downside for me).

If there is something I am still missing, please let me know.
Otherwise, I would still like to have this feature in vim; it doesn't
seem there is a good workaround. However, if the patch is still not
desired, no hard feelings.


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