Attached patch fixes 3 typos in runtime/doc/terminal.txt


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diff --git a/runtime/doc/terminal.txt b/runtime/doc/terminal.txt
index d6c3d19..494965e 100644
--- a/runtime/doc/terminal.txt
+++ b/runtime/doc/terminal.txt
@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@ an expected screen dump.
 Vim uses the window size, text, color and other attributes as displayed.  The
 Vim screen size, font and other properties do not matter.  Therefore this
-mechanism is portable across systems.  A convential screenshot would reflect
+mechanism is portable across systems.  A conventional screenshot would reflect
 all differences, including font size and family.
@@ -471,9 +471,9 @@ This will open a window consisting of three parts:
 3.  The contents of the second dump
 You can usually see what differs in the second part.  Use the 'ruler' to
-relate it to the postion in the first or second dump.
+relate it to the position in the first or second dump.
-Alternatively, press "s" to swap the first and second dump. Do this everal
+Alternatively, press "s" to swap the first and second dump. Do this several
 times so that you can spot the difference in the context of the text.

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